For each and every enterpreneur costs play a very important role in his company. At the same time, costs of purchase and operation of car fleet can represent up to 60% of all company costs. It means, that savings reached in this area may be very significant when optimizing the total company costs.

During our professional careers we gained experience and knowledge in automotive field. And we would like to make use of it in your favour and together with you deal with cost optimization issues. At the same time, each and every service we provide, is set to reach the only important goal – to simplify fleet management procedures and to optimize Total Cost of Ownership of your fleet – and, naturally, at the end to generate savings for your company.

We are ready to offer you following services:

  • Before and while purchasing fleet and all other related services:
    • we prepare a „tailor-made“ selection procedure fitting to your needs
    • we support you when choosing the right supplier within the Czech Republic (or we can also organize a car import from abroad)
    • we care of entire purchase administration including insurance and financing
  • When operating fleet:
    • we support you to analyze situation in your company fleet and provide a detailed review of all related costs
    • we analyze together with you an economy of fleet operations
    • we put forward a solution how to optimize procedures and related costs
    • we take over your fleet management – in a way of external fleet management
    • together with you we select and address potential suppliers of maintainance and other services
  • When selling vehicles after the end of their operation at your company:
    • we help you to find the right way of selling vehicles
    • we organize for you the entire procedure of selling vehicles

As a support of above mentioned services we are developing special professional modules – their functionality within the processes is apparent from the flash on the homepage. We will keep you updated as soon as the single modules are ready to be launched!

We are ready to provide the same range of services also in Slovakia, through our subsidiary AZ MOBILITY SK.

We look forward to our co-operation,



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